Rough Cut was formed by students and their teacher to ensure younger media creators' work reached a larger audience. Always by the people and for the people, our festival showcases films, photography, graphic design, animation and pretty much everything their imaginations dream up. 

Our grassroots programming enables those normally without access to media equipment and instruction to gain valuable experiences in media creation- from initial concept to world premiere. Rough Cut works both locally in Philadelphia and globally by teaching refugees on the front line of the crisis in Europe through our partner organization ReFOCUS Media Labs. Rough Cut also brings young filmmakers overseas to produce original films on location and ensure they gain valuable cultural experiences by creating with counterparts from around the world. 

Rough Cut is a project of the Culture Trust Greater Philadelphia and proud to be recognized as an established program of the Philadelphia Cultural Fund. All proceeds and donations to Rough Cut are tax-deductible and 100% benefit Rough Cut programming, including the annual Rough Cut Film Festival.